Monday, December 6, 2010

They're baaack, for some more Hawaiian Moo Moo!

It's true, the Brown Chicken Brown Cow String Band tour all over, but just can't get Maui off their minds, nor can Maui get them off our minds.

Brown Chicken Brown Cow String Band with Xander, Orion, Justin and Matt, as well as Steve Sargenti sitting in, caused a regular stampede at Stella Blues on Saturday December 4th, 2010. They have been coming back and forth to Maui for three years now and it's becoming their main home that they can't leave for long.

While Stella Blues was the kick off to their shows in Hawaii, they only have a few scheduled folks, so you better get down and listen to them either at Casanova's Friday Night December 10th, 2010 next. they will be around for a little while, but don't put it off. You snooze, you lose. No one can snooze around their high energy.

Here are a few clips from their Stella Blues show.

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