Monday, December 6, 2010

Aloha and Welcome to my first post on Magic Maui Music

As a video, photography, music and web enthusiast, I have been doing all four and have not found a venue online that was just right to match the feel for my music related video and photography, that also would allow me ample room to review, discuss or just ramble on about the musicians and the music scene in general.

Living and growing up on Maui in Hawaii, I have been exposed to Hawaiian music from the backyard kanekapila, research Hawaiian music back to original recordings, present day, as well as it's altered state it has become as of late.

While I do love Hawaiian Music, I also love many or types, and am drawn to music rooted in cultural beginnings. All music is based on some culture new or old, but the music based on older cultures or tied closely to it, has seemed the most interesting and educational to me. It is intriguing to me to watch how modern day versions of a song have varied from their original version or even come back to it.

With this in mind, I am going to end this post with a fairly recent legend in Hawaiian music, while it it not old music or really nnew music, it is always unique music. Brother Willie Kahaialii, also known as Willie K, played unexpectantly, at least to me, at one of the Maui Agricultural Fests and I was in front of the stage eating at the time. My only regret it that I left my other memory cards in the car and missed some of his songs, including running out of space at the end of his opera rendition, please forgive me Willie and all that watch this. I have invested in many more memory cards since and have an ample supply and a video camera on hand now.

Willie K can do most any kind of music and probably invented many styles himself. His opera renditions done to his ukulele playing is fantastic. Well here is some, you can decide.

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