Saturday, August 27, 2011

Government Raids Gibson Guitars on it's use of wood. Trumped up charges?

With so many protected woods and ukuleles and guitars being central to Hawaiian music, this story needs to be followed. The new "TSA" type government programs from food safety to guitar wood, is reacting to issues that it should have dealt with decades ago and now all of a sudden these programs are sweeping in and doing outrageous things and interpreting the laws in an over-kill manner.
What this all the way through and then imagine the same scenario with foods, farms, fruit stands, small business, mom and pop shops and a whole host of other ways these acts by our government, in trying to protect us, are in fact putting a fear factor and control mentality out.
The fish and game are enforcing the lacy law as it relates to India and it's labor laws. This is not tied to the legality of the purchased wood or even conservation. Reselling the products, guitars and ukuleles will incriminate the person whether they had knowledge of the Lacey act or not.

No Judge, no jury, but a judge signed the ordered. Gibson just has no ways to appeal this or respond to it in court.

Monday, August 8, 2011

This teen band really rocked main street. They played at another 1st Friday event under the Banyan tree.
Please leave me band and member's name if you know.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wailuku Town's 1st Friday Main Street Event of August

The Wailuku Town 1st Friday Event each month is always a great place to run into neighbors, friends, visitors and just the community of Maui.
Jam packed with New Orleans Mardi Gras style activities, Market stret is literally buzzing with bands from one end of the street to the other. The street is sprinkled heavily with arts, crafts and food vendors and then it is a great chance to get in and visit the merchant of Wailuku Town. that in itself is a rare treat for many that work all day.
This month I finally got a chance to wander above Market Street and visit the restaurant/cafes that are also open and hosting bands on 1st Friday.
Here are some video on a band doing Jazz outside Iao Theater that was emceed by Pat Matsumoto of Gallery Ha and it's hard with the activities to get the info, so please leave me comments and tag the names of people, members of the bands or any other relevant information, even some unrelevant (within reason) is okay too.
I will add more posting on some other music and a magician that was there last night.

It's not all about the music at Wailuku Town 1st Friday, but it a big part of it. You can see other Wailuku Town 1st Friday events on this blog and or for short.